Musician / Composer / Sound Artist

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I began playing the drum kit from a young age, joining acts around the North-East of England where I grew up. What started out as a hobby, however, soon turned into an exciting career.

Relocating to Manchester, then London, allowed me to really expand my vocabulary as a composer and multi-instrumentalist, showcasing my ability by performing with some extremely talented artists and receiving a number of commissions to create works for some reputable organisations. This included generative music compositions, interdisciplinary collaborations, sound art installations and music for film, commercials and documentaries.

In 2016, I also gained the necessary qualifications to teach music in compulsory and further education, and have guest-lectured at several universities such as Manchester Metropolitan and Teesside. 

Please feel free to get in touch; I would love to hear from you.


Photographs and videos featured in this site are courtesy of Adam Parkin, Andy Sheppard, Dave Shaw, Kamal Badhey and Vicky Cohn.